Application Preferences

The Application Preferences section contains all of the update settings for PDF Studio Viewer.

To open the Updates Preferences dialog:

    1. Go to File Tab > Preferences
    2. Select Application from the panel on the left of the preferences dialog to view or modify these preferences.


Application -  Settings that apply to the memory and performance of PDF Studio Viewer.

Run in Background - WINDOWS ONLY: Enables or disables the "Run in background" feature in PDF Studio Viewer. PDF Studio Viewer can remain open in the background after the first start to improve launch performance when opening PDF documents. When "Run in background" is set, PDF Studio Viewer will remain running as a background process until the computer is restarted or the application is quit by going to File > Exit.

Note: IMPORTANT: While running as a background process, resources used by PDF Studio Viewer will not be released and will not be available to be used by other applications.

Allocated Memory - Allows you to modify the amount of memory allocated to PDF Studio Viewer. When running intense processes in PDF Studio Viewer, you may get a "Heap Space" error or an image may not show up properly on the page. This happens when PDF Studio Viewer is running out of memory. Use the setting below to change the amount of memory allocated to PDF Studio Viewer.

Note: This option will only be available on 64-bit installations as 32-bit installations are limited to 1GB (1024MB), the value currently being used.

Suggested maximums based on the amount of total memory available on your system.


PDF Studio


2GB (2048 MB)


3GB (3072 MB)


4GB (4096 MB)


5GB (5120 MB)


6GB (6144 MB)

Note: Make sure you have enough memory remaining for other applications or your machine may start swapping and be unresponsive.




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