Watermark options

Below are the options available when adding watermarks to a PDF document.


The options for a watermark are as follows:


Name - Name of the watermark profile (if created). To create a new profile select "<new profile>" and click Save. Then enter a name for the new profile

Show on Menu - Whether to show this watermark configuration on the watermark menu for faster access.


Units - Units to use when calculating the position of the watermark. This can be inches, centimeters, millimeters, or points. Points are calculated in the PDF standard, 72 points per inch.

Horizontal – The horizontal location is relative to the left, right, or center of the page according to the choice in the drop down box. The number entered here is interpreted in units.

Vertical  – The vertical location is relative to the top, bottom, or center of the page according to the choice in the drop down box. The number entered here is interpreted in units.

Rotation – Rotate the watermark (text or image) by the given degrees clockwise.

Transparency – Transparency of the watermark. 100% is invisible and 0% is opaque.

Show on Screen - Whether or not to show the watermark when viewing the document

Show on Print - Whether or not to show the watermark when the document is printed

Behind Page Content - Places the watermark under the page content instead of on top


Page Range - The range of pages to be cropped


You have the option to add either a text or image watermark to the document. The options will change based on whether or not text or image is selected.

Text Watermark Options

Font - The font for the watermark

Font Size - The font size for the watermark

Font Color - The font color for the watermark

B - Makes all of the text Bold

I - Makes all of the text Italic

Alignment - choose how the text should be aligned

Text - Enter the text to be displayed on the watermark

Insert - Use these options to insert custom variables within the content sections. Place the cursor where you would like the text and then click on the variable option you want to insert. These variables will be used when the headers and footers are placed on the document

Border - Sets a border around the watermark text

Border Color - Sets the color of the border

Width - Sets the width of the border

Background - Background color settings for the watermark text

Image Watermark Options

File – The path to the image file. Accepted formats are jpg, png, gif, & tiff.

Scale – The scale to apply to the image (100% for the full-size image)

Preview Window

Allows you to see how the watermark will look on the document once placed. Use the arrow buttons and drop down to navigate and preview a different page in the document.



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