Resizing Pages

PDF Studio can resize a page to a specified dimension. This tool can be used to scale pages so that the content better fits the page or to increases borders and margins. Units can be specified in inches, points, centimeters or millimeters. Resizing can be applied to a single page, a range of pages, or all pages.

How to Resize Pages

Using the Dialog

  1. Go to Pages Tab > Resize Pages on the toolbar
  2. Choose the page size settings and values for the document
  3. Click OK to apply the settings

Using the Page Thumbnails

  1. In the page thumbnails pane select either a single or group of the pages you wish to resize
  2. Right click (Mac: Ctrl+Click) on any of the selected pages and then select "Resize Pages"
  3. Choose the page size settings and values for the document
  4. Click OK to apply the settings

Resize Settings

New Page

New Page Size - Allows you to select a page size from a list of predefined standard document sizes.

Note: Portrait and Landscape options are not available when selecting a "Custom" media size

Units - Select the measurement unit for the crop margins in either Inches, Points, Centimeters, or Millimeters

Width - Width of the page in the units selected

Height - Height of the page in the units selected

Keep Proportional - Toggles keeping the width and height values in sync

Current Page

Location - Choose the location of the current page within the new page size.

Custom - Set the location of the page using the x & y coordinates

Center - Will center the original page content in the new page size

Rotation - The angle in degrees to rotate the original page content

Note: Comments and forms will not be rotated.

Scale - Set the scale of the current page within the new page size


Fit Crop to Page - Sets the crop box equal to the media box

Reset - Resets the options to the original document values


All Pages: all pages in the document

Current Page: the current page being displayed

Page Range: set custom range of pages if needed using values separated by commas. For example, to set only pages 2 to 4 & 6 to 12 & 20 of a 30 page document enter “2-4, 6-12, 20″. Documents using Page Labels will require the exact page label to be entered (i.e. iv, v, etc...)

Even Pages Only: only the even pages

Odd Pages Only: only the odd pages



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