Preflight Verification

PDF Studio provides preflight and compliance verification to verify the document meets various archival compliances defined by ISO PDF standards. When verifying documents PDF Studio will generate a report listing the errors. Errors can then be exported or appended to the current PDF if needed.

Below are the available PDF archival standards that PDF Studio is able to verify.

How to Run Preflight Verification on a PDF

  1. Open the document you wish to verify
  2. Select Document Tab > Preflight or use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + X (Mac: ⌘ + Shift + X) to show the Preflight dialog.
  3. This will display the preflight profile selection menu. Select the standard that you wish to verify.
  4. The resulting Dialog will display the results of the verification.

Preflight Verification Results

Results List - Lists any content in the document that is not compliant with the selected profile.

 - Items that are not compliant and that can NOT be fixed by PDF Studio Preflight Conversion.

 - Items that are not PDF/A compliant and that could be fixed by Preflight Conversion depending on user settings in PDF/A Preferences .

Expand - Expands the results tree to show all preflight error results

Collapse - Collapses the results tree to only show the preflight error categories

Print - Prints the entire tree exactly as it is displayed in the preflight results list

Preflight Result Options

Select the result options you wish to use and then click Close to apply the selected option

Add annotations for preflight errors - When checked, will add an annotation for each preflight error with the details of the error in the annotation comment

Create preflight report - When checked, allows you to select one of the following options:

Append report to document - Appends a Preflight Results report to the end of the currently opened document.

Create new document - Creates a new document with the only the error results that will be saved at the location specified. Click on Browse... to select a destination for the exported report


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