PDF Studio has a variety of methods that can be used to navigate PDF documents.

Using the Mouse

The primary method for navigating within PDF documents is with the mouse. PDF Studio is compatible with all standard mice and supports the following actions using the 2 buttons and scroll wheel typically found on the mouse.

Note: On Mac if using a mouse with a single button you can right click by holding Ctrl and clicking the mouse button

Left Mouse Button

Scroll Wheel

Right Mouse Button

Panning/Moving Pages

With the hand tool selected click and drag anywhere on the page to pan the document

Using the scroll wheel on the mouse you can move the document up and down

You can also use the vertical and horizontal scrollbars to pan the document by clicking and dragging on the scrollbar

Using the Keyboard

The keyboard can also be used in some cases to quickly navigate the document using shortcut keys. The following shortcuts can be used.

Action Windows/UNIX Mac
First Page Home Home
Last Page End End
Next Page PgDn or Space PgDn or Space
Previous Page PgUp or Shift + Space PgUp or Shift + Space
Go to Page Ctrl + Shift + P ⌘ + Shift + P
Scroll Down Space or ↓ Space or ↓
Scroll Up  ↑  ↑
Next view Alt + → ⌘ + [
Previous view Alt + ← ⌘ + ]

Using the Navigation Tools

The navigation tools are located on the bottom toolbar and can be used to navigate the document.

 First Page: Navigates to the first page of the document.

 Previous Page: Navigates to the previous page in the document.

Page Number: Displays the current page being viewed and the total number of pages. Type a number into the field and press "Enter" to navigate directly to that page. Documents using Page Labels will require the exact page label to be entered (i.e. iv, v, etc...)

 Next Page: Navigates to the next page in the document.

 Last Page: Navigates to the Last page in the document.

 Previous View: Navigates to the last view within the document.

Next View: Navigates to the next view within the document.

Using Page Thumbnails

The page thumbnails can be found on the left side of the PDF Studio window. If not displayed the pane can be opened using the Pages button on the left side of the screen

The page thumbnails show miniature versions of all the pages in the documents.

Using Bookmarks

The bookmarks pane is located on the left of the PDF Studio window. If not displayed the pane can be opened using the Bookmarks button on the left side of the screen.

Using bookmarks can be useful when navigating large PDFs that contain many pages. Often bookmarks are put in place to label chapters or sections within a document. Click on the bookmark to jump directly to that location in the document.