Distance Annotation

The Distance Measurement Annotation is used to calculate the length a single linear measurement. Once placed measurements can be modified by dragging any of the vertices on the measurement and the values will be updated as well.

Creating a Distance Measurement

  1. Select the Distance tool by clicking the in the Comment Tab on the toolbar or using the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + M (Command + Alt + M on Mac)
  2. The measurement dialog will be displayed where you can set the scale and precision (and calibrate if needed) for the measurement prior to drawing the annotation.
  3. Click where you would like the measurement to begin and then move the cursor where you would like the measurement to end and click again to place the measurement on the page (Note: Hold the Shift key while drawing to make horizontal, vertical, or 45 degree angle lines.)

Annotation Properties

To access the Distance properties go to the Properties Tab on the toolbar or right click (Mac: Ctrl + Click) on the annotation and choose Properties in the mouse menu or click on the edit button on the Mini Toolbar. The Distance measurement contains the following property settings.


Line Width - Sets the width of the line

Line Start - Sets the shape to be used at the beginning of the line

Style - Sets the style for the line (i.e. dotted, dashed, cloud, etc...)

Line End - Sets the shape to be used at the end of the line

Color - Sets the color of the line

Fill Color - Sets the fill color of the shapes at the end of the line

Transparency - Sets the transparency of the measurement

Length - The current length of the measurement annotation. Can be manually edited if needed to set a specific value and will adjust the annotation on the page accordingly.

Note / Comment - a comment field that allows you to add an additional comment to the measurement if needed

Save as default - When checked this will make the selected appearance settings the default for any new Distance annotations going forward

Locked - When checked prevents the following on the annotation: being moved or resized, editing appearance properties, & deleting the annotation.


Author - Allows you to edit the author

Subject - Allows you to edit the subject

Layer - Only available when the document contains layers. Sets the layer that the annotation belongs to. For more information see Assigning Comments to Layers

Status History

This tab will display and changes to the review status of the annotation including Author, Status, and Timestamp. For more details see Setting Status or Check Marks on Annotations



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