Command Line Arguments

PDF Studio supports various command line arguments allowing to customize the page view, the location in the PDF document or even which side pane is open when launching from the command line (or terminal).


How to Call PDF Studio from the Command Line

When calling PDF Studio from the command line (or terminal) make sure to use the full file path for the PDF document. See the below examples

Windows: “C:\Program Files\PDFStudio2021\pdfstudio2021.exe” C:\mydocument.pdf

Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args “/Users/user/Desktop/mydocument.pdf”

Linux: ./pdfstudio2021 “/home/qoppa/Downloads/mydocument.pdf”


Command Line Argument Options

View options

Location options

Studio pane options

Combining Options / Flags:

If you need to use two or more of the above options, you can combine them using the "&" symbol. See below.


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