Changing Z Order

Z order is the overlapping of 2 dimensional objects on a page to move a piece content either in front of or behind of another content item on the page. Z order of content items can easily be changed following the instructions below.

From Right Click Context Menu

  1. Activate the Content Edit tool by clicking on the  Edit Content button on the Document Tab
  2. Select the content items that you wish to change the z order.
  3. Right click, (Mac: Ctrl + Click) on any of the selected Content and go to Move and select where you wish to move the content to.


 Bring to Front - Moves the selected item to the top above all other items

 Send to Back - Moves the selected item to the bottom below all other items

 Bring Forward - Moves the selected item one step above it's current location

 Send Backwards - Moves the selected item one step below it's current location



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