Auto Create Links

The Auto Create Links tool within PDF Studio allows you to search the entire document to automatically create links for the defined criteria set by the user. Once the text is found using the defined settings links can be automatically applied to the document at each of the text locations.

Note: The PDF must contain searchable text in order for the Auto Create Links tool to work

Automatically Creating Links

Search for

  1. Select Comments Tab > Link > Auto Create Links.  
  2. Set the search options for the type or specific text you wish to find in the document using the below settings
  3. Click Find to search the document for text that appears depending on which "search for" options are selected. The matching text that is found based on the search options set will be displayed in the table below.
  4. Check the boxes in the "Make" column of the text you wish to add links to.
  5. The link to be created is displayed in the "Link" column of the table. This value can be edited by double clicking on the Link you wish to edit. Once finished editing click anywhere else to finish editing.
  6. Set the options for the Links that will be created for the selected text
  7. Click on the Make button to create the links in the document

Once created the links function just as normal Link Annotations and can be edited as normal.