Creating Links

The Link tool allows you to designate an area within the PDF that can be linked to a web page, pages in a PDF document, or even have custom actions.

  1. Select the Link tool by clicking the on the toolbar, going to Comments > Multimedia > Link, or using the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + K (Command + Alt + K on Mac)
  2. Click and drag to select the area that you wish to make a link (Note: Hold the Shift key while drawing to create a perfect square.)
  3. After the link annotation is added, the Link Properties dialog is displayed.
  4. Set the options for the link:
      • Go to a page in another document
        • Page Number - the page number of the document to link to
        • Document - The full path to the file to open. Click on the "..." button to open a file chooser and navigate to the file you wish to select.
      • Custom link - Allows you to add custom Link Actions from a list of available actions.
  5. Once complete, click OK to create the link

Link Properties

To access the Link properties right click (Mac: Ctrl + Click) on the annotation and choose Properties in the mouse menu or click on the edit button on the Mini Toolbar. Links contain the following property settings.

Locked - When checked prevents the following on the annotation: being moved or resized, editing appearance properties, & deleting the annotation.


Border Width - Sets the width of the border line

Border Color - Sets the color of the border line

Style - Sets the border style for the link


The Action Panel displays a list of the current actions associated with the link. Actions can be added, edited, or deleted using the buttons below the actions list.

Add - Adds a custom Link Action from a list of available actions.

Edit - Edits the currently selected action from the list

Remove -  Removes the currently selected action from the list