Creating Links

The Link tool allows you to designate an area within the PDF that can be linked to a web page, pages in a PDF document, or even have custom actions.

  1. Select the Link tool by clicking the in the Pages Tab on the toolbar or using the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + K (Command + Alt + K on Mac)
  2. Click and drag to select the area that you wish to make a link (Note: Hold the Shift key while drawing to create a perfect square.)
  3. After the link annotation is added, the Link Properties dialog is displayed.
  4. Set the options for the link:
      • Go to a page in another document
        • New Window - opens the document in a completely new window of the PDF application
        • Existing Window - will open the document in the current window of the PDF application replacing the currently open document
        • Page Number - the page number to show when opening the other document
        • Document - The full path to the file to open. Click on the "..." button to open a file chooser and navigate to the file you wish to select.
        • Destination - choose from a named Destination already set within the PDF
      • Custom link - Allows you to add custom Link Actions from a list of available actions.
  5. Once complete, click OK to create the link

Link Properties

To access the Link properties go to the Properties Tab on the toolbar or right click (Mac: Ctrl + Click) on the annotation and choose Properties in the mouse menu or click on the edit button on the Mini Toolbar. Links contain the following property settings.

Locked - When checked prevents the following on the annotation: being moved or resized, editing appearance properties, & deleting the annotation.


Border Width - Sets the width of the border line

Border Color - Sets the color of the border line

Style - Sets the border style for the link


The Action Panel displays a list of the current actions associated with the link. Actions can be added, edited, or deleted using the buttons below the actions list.

Add - Adds a custom Link Action from a list of available actions.

Edit - Edits the currently selected action from the list

Remove -  Removes the currently selected action from the list