jPDFEditor Toolbar

The toolbar is located at the top of the jPDF Editor window. The toolbar is where you will find all of the most commonly used functions in jPDF Editor.

The default toolbar is setup as displayed above but can vary depending on your application setup.

Toolbar Descriptions


Open: Open a PDF document or convert any of the supported file types to a PDF.

Save: Save the current document.

 Print: Print the current document.


 First Page: Navigates to the first page of the document.

 Previous Page: Navigates to the previous page in the document.

Page Number: Displays the current page being viewed and the total number of pages. Type a number into the field and press "Enter" to navigate directly to that page.

 Next Page: Navigates to the next page in the document.

 Last Page: Navigates to the Last page in the document.

 Previous View: Navigates to the last view within the document.

Next View: Navigates to the next view within the document.

Page Fit

 Actual Size: Displays the document with a 1:1 ratio to match how the document would look if printed without any scaling.

Fit to Width: Scales the view to fit the width of the document in the jPDF Editor frame.

Fit to Page: Scales the view to fit the entire  document within the jPDF Editor frame.

View Rotation

 Rotate View Clockwise: Rotates only the view within the document clockwise (Note: This rotation will NOT be saved when the document is saved then reopened).

 Rotate View Counter Clockwise: Rotates only the view within the document counter clockwise (Note: This rotation will NOT be saved when the document is saved then reopened).


 Zoom Out: Zoom out to view the content smaller.

Zoom To/Current Zoom: Displays the current zoom value. You can also select a preset zoom percentage or type in the field for a custom zoom value.

 Zoom In: Zoom in to view the content larger.

 Zoom Tool: Zooms to a selected area within a page. Click and drag to select the rectangle area you wish to zoom to.

 Loupe Tool: Displays a zoom window that zooms in on the PDF to show the smallest detail.

Pan and Zoom:  A window showing the portion of the page currently on screen. Drag the red box to adjust the view of the document.


 Edit Content: Allows you to edit content within the PDF.

 Mark for Redaction: Marks content for redaction.

 Sign Document: Allows you to digitally sign the current PDF.


 Drag and Scroll Page: Click and drag to scroll or move the pages.

Select Text: Click and drag to select text within the document.

Edit Interactive Objects: Used to edit interactive objects within the PDF which include annotations, signatures, and links.

Take Snapshot: Used to save a portion of the screen as an image.

 Search Text: Used to search the text of a PDF document.

Text Comments

 Sticky Note: Creates a sticky note annotation.

 Typewriter: Creates a typewriter annotation.

 Text Box: Creates a text box annotation.

Callout: Creates a callout annotation.

Shape Comments

Circle: Creates a circle annotation.

Arrow: Creates an arrow annotation.

Line: Creates a line annotation.

 Square: Creates a square annotation.

Pencil: Creates a pencil annotation.

Polygon: Creates a polygon annotation.

Cloud: Creates a cloud annotation.

Polyline: Creates a polyline annotation.

Text Markups

 Highlight Text: Used to highlight text on a document.

Crossout Text: Used to cross out text on a document.

Underline Text: Used to underline text on a document.

Squiggly Underline Text: Used to squiggly underline text on a document.

 Insert Text: Adds an insert text markup on the document.

Replace Text: Adds a replace text markup on the selected text.

Area Highlight: Highlights an area on a document. Useful when trying to highlight scanned text.

Rubber Stamps

 Rubber Stamp: Used to place a rubber stamp on the document.


Sound: Adds a sound annotation attachment to the document.

 Image: Adds an image as a rubber stamp annotation to the document.

Link: Used to create links in a document.

Attach File: Attaches a file to the PDF without an annotation.

Attach File as Comment: Attaches a file to the annotation with an annotation.


Distance: Used to measure the distance between two points on the document.

Perimeter: Used to measure the perimeter on the document using multiple lines.

 Area: Used to measure a designated area on the document.

Properties - Appearance

 Fill Color: Allows you to select the fill color of the selected objects.

Border Color: Allows you to select the border color for the selected objects.

Line Width: Sets the border line width for the selected objects.

 Transparency: Sets the transparency for the selected objects.

Properties - Text

Font: Sets the font for the selected annotation.

Size: Sets the font size for the selected annotation.

Text Color: Sets the font color for the selected annotation.

Bold: Makes the selected annotation text Bold.

Italic: Makes the selected annotation text Italic.

 Underline: Makes the selected annotation or text underlined

 Strikethrough: Marks the selected annotation or text with a strikethrough

Horizontal Alignment: Sets the text alignment for the selected annotation.


 Divider: separates each of the toolbar sections.

 Options: used to choose between different options for the tool it is attached to.

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