XLST Transform Node

The XSLT node allows you to transform XML documents into other XML documents or other formats such as HTML, plain text, and other file formats. While XSLT was originally designed for XML transformations <output> element can optionally take the "media-type" attribute which allows conversions to other text based formats such as CSV, JSON, and many others.

During processing the XSLT node takes an XML payload and then uses the supplied XSL style sheet to process and produce a new output document that will then replace the current payload in the workflow. The node also supports XPath & XQuery functions within the XSL style sheet. 

For more details on XSLT transformations see W3 Schools XSLT  

NOTE: This node will output XML data by default. Use the <xsl:output> element and "method" attribute to specify HTML (<xsl:output method="html"/>) or plain text (<xsl:output method="text"/>). For additional formats, use the additional "media-type" attribute with the correct MIME type value (i.e. media-type="text/csv").


General Settings

XSL File: Path to specified .xsl style sheet you wish to use for the XML conversion

XSL Text: Enter the raw XSL code into the text area you wish to use for the XML conversion



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