Workflow Properties

The Workflow Properties Pane displays the settings and options available for the workflow. See Workflow Trouble Handling for additional workflow options.

Note: The workflow properties pane is only displayed when NO node is selected on the graph



Name: The name of the workflow. This name will be used when showing the job on the Workflow List and should be descriptive enough to identify the job.

Description: A longer description for the job. This field can be used to enter more detail about the job for future reference.

Startup: This field is used to decided whether to start this job when PAS boots up or to let the user start it as needed.

Note: If you set this value and have not carefully tested the job information, then you may see unpredictable results the next time this job is reloaded.

Location: The storage location of the .qflow file. This is only needed if transferring the workflow to a new server.

Last Modified: The date and time the workflow was last modified

Last Started: The date and time the workflow was last started




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