Watch Email Node

The Watch Email node is an input node that monitors a designated email address based on a specified interval and file filter. Once criteria is met, the email is marked as "Read" and then it's contents are processed through the flow.


General Settings

Mail Service

Server name: The name to the mail server

Server type: Select either POP3 or IMAP

SSL: check this box if your server requires SSL encryption

Email: The Email address that will be watched by the server

Password: Password needed to access the email address account on the server

Interval: Frequency which the specified folder is scanned for newly arrived files. The server measures this interval from the end of the last watch cycle.

Delete messages on server: IMAP ONLY - check this option to delete the message from the server once the file attachment has been processed.

File Filter

Options that define the properties of the files to be picked up

File name pattern: List of allowed extensions separated by a comma and a space. For example: .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .tiff You may select a file name pattern, including the asterisk character. The server will limit its view to those files which match the pattern.

Note: Use the File Types chooser to easily insert file name patterns for common file types

Sent: Picks up files that are modified Before or After the specified date

File size: Picks up files that are Less Than or Greater Than specified size

Advanced Settings


Timeout in seconds: If no data is sent or received during an operation for the specified time, the connection will be retried.

Reconnection Settings

Maximum number of retries: Sets the maximum number of retry attempts before the server gives up.

Delay between failed attempts: Time to wait between retry attempts.

When reconnection attempts fail: Determines what to do once the retry limit has been reached:


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