Search & Markup Node

The Search & Markup node adds text markups or redactions to all the search results found within a PDF document. Searches can be performed using standard text strings or regular expressions.


General Settings

Word or Phrase: Enter the text you wish to search for

Use Regular Expression: Allows you to user a regular expression to perform more advanced search queries


Case-Sensitive: If checked, searching for the string "The" will not return the same results as searching for the string "the".

Whole words only: If checked, searching for "the" will not return occurrences of "they". But when this option is left unchecked, all occurrences of "they" will appear in the occurrence list.

Markup Options

The following comments and markups are available as options to be applied to any matching results

 Highlight Text - applies Text Highlight markups to the results

 Cross Out Text - applies Cross Out text markups to the results

 Underline Text - applies Underline text markups to the results

 Squiggly Underline Text - applies Squiggly Underline text markups to the results

 Mark for Redaction - creates a Redaction Annotation for each for the results found

Markup Properties

Color - Sets the color of the text markup

Transparency - Sets the transparency of the text markup

Outline Color - Sets the color of the border for only the redaction annotation

Fill Color - Sets the fill color for only the redaction annotation



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