PAS Dashboard

The Dashboard is the primary informational dashboard for the console providing a quick look at server load, registration, process statuses and recent events. Information is divided into tiles showing the specific details for each of the below items.

CPU & Memory Usage

CPU Usage -  displays the CPU usage in percent by the QoppaPAS service relative to the total CPUs available to the OS.

Memory - displays the current memory use by the QoppaPAS service relative to the total amount allocated to the process.


The License tile displays the current registration status of the server. The statuses are as follows:

Evaluation - When running in demo mode, a watermark will be added to documents upon saving them. To run in full production mode, PDF Automation Server needs to be activated with a license key. If you have not yet purchased a license please Contact Us for purchase or see Registration to activate your product and remove watermarks.

Valid - License is valid and running in full production mode.

Expired Grace - License has expired and server is running grace mode. Once grace period expires all processes will automatically stop.  Contact Us to purchase renewal and prevent service interruption.

Expired - License has expired and no grace period remains. All processes will stop in order to prevent watermarks. Contact Us to purchase renewal and prevent service interruption.


The Workflow tiles display a list of processes on the server and their current status. There are four statuses, each associated with an icon that will be displayed next to each of the Workflows.

Active: The Workflow or Job  is currently active and watching the folders for files to process

Stopped: The Workflow or Job is currently stopped and not running

Processing: The Workflow or Job is currently processing files

Incomplete: One or more of the Workflow or Job settings are currently incorrect and need to be corrected before the Workflow can be started. Double click to view open the editor and correct any issues.

All Recent Events Log

The Recent Events Log panel displays the last 100 events logged in the server. This includes events for both the Workflow & REST API modules.

Note: As you are setting up your first projects, you can add to PASprop.xml settings file an additional entry Verbose = "true" so the log will be more verbose.

Recent Event Log Options

Clear: Clears only the log items in the Recent Events list

Note: Clearing the recent events list does not delete the actual log entries from the database. You can delete logs from the Full Events Log window.

Full Log: Displays the Full Events Log window


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