Node Metadata Pane

The Node Metadata Pane is used to display the current property and variable information for the workflow message. These properties will update and change based on the selected node in the workflow editor to show how the message is changing as it moves through the flow.

The pane has 2 separate tabs to show the message details coming from the previous node and what will be output by the currently selected node.

The information is organized in a tree based structure that can be collapsed or expanded as needed.

Metadata Details

The following information is provided for the message


Contains information on the content of the message being processed.

Type: displays the Expected and Actual mimetype of the message content to be processed at that point.

Valid: means the connection is valid. For example: The "Word to PDF" node will output a PDF document that is accepted by the "Watermark PDF" node

Invalid: means there is an issue. For example: The "PDF to JPEG" node will output a .jpg image file that cannot be processed by the "Print PDF" node.


Displays the current variables available to the selected node in the flow. Variables shown can also be used in any field within the Properties Pane for the node.



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