Job Information Details

The Job Information tab contains general job information, such as the name and description and whether the job should be automatically started when the server is started. This tab has the following settings available.

Job Information Settings

Sets the basic details of the job.

Descriptive Data

Name: The name of the job. This name will be used when showing the job on the Job List and should be descriptive enough to identify the job.

Saved as: This is the name of the XML file used to store the job information. It is possible to use the operating system to change the file name when the server is not running. Never attempt this while the server is running the job.

Description: A longer description for the job. This field can be used to enter more detail about the job for future reference.

Job Type: Displays the Job Type selected at creation.

Startup: This field is used to decided whether to start this job when PAS boots up or to let the user start it as needed.

Note: If you set this value and have not carefully tested the job information, then you may see unpredictable results the next time this job is reloaded.

Performance Data

Most Recent Launch By Server: The start date and time the task was started by the server.

Most Recent Error-Free Launch: The start date and time of the last launch started without any errors.


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