Font Options

Font Options Preferences allow you to define the custom font replacement rules for document conversion. During conversion, if the source document contains a font that is not available, the following table can be used to define your preferred replacement font.

Use the "Always" option to replace the specified font regardless of whether or not it is available.

For Word to PDF conversion with font embedding, the Fallback Font set in Office Conversion preferences will be used as a last resort if no matching font defined here is available.

    NOTE: Font substitution can cause text layout differences if the substituted font's metrics differ from the original.


Font Substitution Rules

Enabled - turns on or off the custom font substitution rules

Add - create a new font substitution rule

Edit - edit the selected font rules

Remove - removes the selected custom font substitution


Restore Defaults - Resets the PAS font substitution settings back to installation defaults


Font Replacement Settings

Original Font - The font to be substituted if found

Replacement Font - the font to use in place of the selected font. 

Always - replace the specified font regardless of whether or not it is available.



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