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    Bean to embed in your Java applications and applets to view PDF documents.


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jPDFViewer Pricing

jPDFViewer pricing is based on the number of end users that will have access to the functionality of the library. To determine what tier license you need, you can look at the deployment scenarios to assist you in counting the number of end users.

Licenses have no expiration date, the cost of the license is a one-time fee. Licenses are limited to a single application that integrates the library.

Client Distribution – Number of End Users Amount
1 – 200 End Users
1 – 1,000 End Users
1 – 10,000 End Users
1 Year – Upgrades And Support (22% / year)

After purchasing, you will receive our standard license agreement by email for you to review. Once we receive a signed copy of the agreement, by email, fax or paper, we will send the license key along with instructions on how to use it with the library.

If you would like to pay by check or wire transfer, please contact us.

If if you are interested in unlimited distribution licensing or if our standard licensing model does not match your situation, please contact us.

Deployment Scenarios

Desktop Application – The number of end users is the total number of copies of the application that are distributed.

Applet / Web Server – The number of end users is the total number of unique users that download the applet.

Java Web Start – The number of end users is the total number of unique users that download the Web Start application.

Client / Server Systems – We define site licenses for each of the sites that jPDFViewer is installed on and then price each site license at a discount based on the number of sites and the average number of end users at each site. Please contact us to get a custom quote.

Consulting Projects – When jPDFViewer is integrated into custom applications developed on a consulting basis, a different license is required for each project/application that the library is used in. If you intend to integrate jPDFViewer into multiple projects, we do have special pricing according to the number of projects that jPDFViewer will be used in. Please contact us to discuss pricing details.