10 Reasons to Upgrade from Standard to Pro


Reasons to Upgrade from
PDF Studio Standard to PRO

 PDF Redaction

Securely redact sensitive PDF content prior to publication or distribution. See Why Redaction is BETTER than Pixelating or Blurring

 Content Editing

Edit PDF content with ease including inline text reflow, font, size, color, and more…


Optimize large PDF files to reduce their size, remove unneeded content, and even fix/repair PDF files

 Create PDF Forms

Create & edit interactive form fields on existing or new documents with support for all form field types.

PDF/A Validation / Conversion

Validate PDFs against PDF/X & PDF/A profiles to determine if the format meets standards and PDF/A conversion for long term storage and archival.

Validate & Tag PDFs for Accessibility (PDF/UA)

Verify PDF/UA compliance and edit PDF documents to comply with user accessibility ADA Standards.

Digital Signatures

Digitally sign & certify PDF files with visible/invisible signatures authenticating the contents of a document.

Advanced Imposition & Printer Marks

Preview and create PDF Imposition Layouts using many different industry standard layout and binding methods including: 2, 4, & 8 up booklets; cut stacks; sequential, step and repeat.

Overlay Compare PDFs

Overlay pages to to easily identify visual differences between two PDFs.

Batch Process Multiple PDFs

Powerful, simple, and fast way to modify multiple documents at once.

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Why Choose PDF Studio?

Adobe® Acrobat® isn’t the only PDF software out there. See what makes PDF Studio different and why you should switch!

PDF Studio™ is an all-in-one, easy to use PDF editor that provides all PDF features needed (see features comparison with Acrobat) at one third the price of Adobe® Acrobat® and maintains full compatibility with the Adobe PDF Standards.

symbol_dollar_eurowin10-2  mac-os-x2  linux2adobe-pdf

1/3 the price of Adobe Acrobat. Deploy to more users for same price

Works on Windows, Mac, & Linux. Each user license can be used on 2 machines of any OS.

Fully compliant with the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Specifications


< 300mb


User friendly design makes PDF creation, markup, and editing easier

< 300 MB installed with all the features you need & no bloatware
(compared to 4.5GB for Adobe Acrobat DC)

99% customer satisfaction rate & responsive customer service