jPDFPrint Applet Samples

Java Applet samples that use jPDFPrint to print PDF documents

Below are a few examples of applets to deploy jPDFPrint in a web application. If you’re not sure how you want to deploy jPDFPrint, contact us so we can point you to the appropriate sample.

  • Basic jPDFPrint Applet – This applet demonstrates jPDFPrint running in an applet and provides a few buttons to print PDFs.
  • Javascript can call jPDFPrint – This applet demonstrates how jPDFPrint can be called from Javascript to print PDF documents.  jPDFPrint runs in an applet and Javascript can make calls to the applet to load and print PDF documents.
  • Silent Print – Warning:  This applet will print a PDF document immediately, upon loading.  The PDF will be printed silently (without prompting the user) to the default printer.  After printing, the web browser will be redirected to another page.

Applet Deployment

To deploy jPDFPrint viewer on your website, you will need the HTML page that launches the applet (one of the above) as well as the following two jar files.

  • jPDFPrint.jar – The main jPDFViewer jar file (signed), that contains the PDF viewing component.
  • prsamples.jar – This jar file contains the Java applets used in these sample.  The jar file contains the source code to the applet so that you can modify to meet your needs. It is signed.

These jars as well as any other jar included in the applet archive in the HTML page need to be signed with the same code signing certificate.