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    Work with interactive PDF forms to import, export, set, and get field values.


jPDFFields Pricing

jPDFFields Pricing

jPDFFields Server Licenses – Server based licenses are intended for deployment of jPDFFields on well known servers. Each license allows to run on 4 cores, a typical quad core server. For an 8 core server, you will need to purchase 2 licenses.

Server Licenses are only for “own use” deployments, where the software is used only by internal applications by the Licensee only.  These licenses cannot be used for SaaS deployments to provide services to third parties.  

If you intend to deploy jPDFFields in any other form, including SaaS, OEM distribution, desktop distribution in an applet or application, or for site or enterprise licenses, please contact us at sales@qoppa.com.

To purchase using a credit card, please use the form below. To purchase using checks or bank / wire transfers, please send us a purchase order to sales@qoppa.com or by fax at US 678-253-0192.

Description Amount
jPDFFields Server License(s)
Each license covers 4 cores.
1 Year – Upgrades And Support (22% / year)
By purchasing a license, you agree to the terms of our license agreement.

If you have any questions about licensing or if you have a special situation, please let us know at sales@qoppa.com and we will come up with a licensing scheme that will work for you.

Pricing Schedule – Licenses are discounted with volume according to schedule below:

Number Of Licenses Price
1-4 Licenses $800 per License
5-9 Licenses $700 per License
10+ Licenses $600 per License


Qoppa also offers a fully automated solution with PDF Automation Server.