PDF Consulting Services

PDF Consulting Services

Qoppa Software offers its services to help customers with projects involving PDF document workflow and automation. We are experts at working with PDF documents and at using our tools. We are able to produce professional, reliable PDF solutions at a competitive price.

Integration of Qoppa Products

Our consulting services are offered for implementation and integration of Qoppa’s own PDF tools, libraries or server products. Our PDF technology is very advanced and supports most of the features defined in the Adobe PDF specifications. Whatever your needs are (PDF creation, conversion, rendering or printing, signing, filling forms, annotating or recognizing text), let us evaluate if / how our software products can work for your project and provide you with a quote for our services.

Consulting Fees

Our hourly rate starts at $200 an hour. There is a minimum of $2000 for any consulting project, in addition to any software licensing fees.

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