General Document Properties

The General document properties tab displays basic information about the document including Title, Author, Subject, and Keywords that were set by the document's creator. Additional file details such as the producer, created date, modified date, file size, page size, and file metadata are also displayed on this page. Only the Title, Author, Author Title, Subject, Writer and Keywords can be edited (unless the Document Security has been set)

Note: These fields are not required information in a PDF and so may be left blank.

How to View the General Document Properties

  1. Go to File Tab > Properties or using the shortcut keys Ctrl + D (Cmd + D on Mac).
  2. Click on the General Tab

Document Properties

Title - Displays the current Title of the document. Can also be edited if desired

Author - Displays the current Author of the document. Can also be edited if desired

Subject - Displays the current Subject of the document. Can also be edited if desired

Keywords - Displays the current Keywords of the document. Can also be edited if desired

Path - The full address of where PDF file is stored on the computer

Note: For new documents created in PDF Studio Viewer this will be blank until the file is saved

Producer - Name of the application that generated the PDF file

Note: This value may be empty if the application failed to include the name in the file properties

Created - Date the document was created

Modified - Date the document was last modified

File Size - Amount of file space needed to store the PDF

Version - The PDF standards version of the PDF document

Number of pages - Number of pages in the document

Page Size - Displays the height and width of the document in either inches or millimeters depending on your local settings

Note: For document's with multiple page sizes this value will show the size of the current page being displayed

Tagged PDF - Whether or not the document has been tagged for accessibility

Fast Web View - Whether or not the document has been saved using the Fast Web View (linearized) format

PDF/A - Whether or not the document meets the PDF/A standards

Metadata - When clicked, displays all of the document's properties in an XML format just as it is stored within the document



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