Header and Footer Profiles

Header and footer Profiles allow you to save custom header and footer settings as templates that can be used again later to add a header and footer to documents. There is also an option available to "Show on Menu" and when this is set for the profile it will be put under Document > Header & Footer so that the profile can be run in just two clicks from the document menu.

Note: You do not need to create or save a header and footer configuration before adding a header and footer to a document. To add a  header and footer to a document without saving settings just go to Document > Header and Footer > Add and choose the settings to use and click Apply to run the header and footer settings without saving a profile.

Creating a Header and Footer Profile

  1. Select Document > Header & Footer > Add from the menu.  
  2. Fill in the desired Header and Footer Options for the current header and footer configuration.
  3. Set all of the options that you would like to have in your profile. You can either start from an existing profile or a blank template by selecting "<new item>" from the drop down.
  4. Once you have completed your settings, click on Save. This will bring up a window to name your profile.
  5. If you are starting from a blank template this field will be blank. If you started from a previous profile the previous profiles name will be displayed. If you would like to just update the previous profile leave the name and click OK. If you would like to create a new profile just type in the new name you would like to save it as and click OK.
  6. Once complete your profile will now be available in the drop down menu as well as the quick options in the menu bar

Add a Header and/or Footer to a PDF Document Using an Existing Profile

There are 2 ways to apply an existing header and footer profile:

From the Header and Footer Dialog

Open the document that you would like to add a header and footer to. Open the header and footer dialog from Document > Header & Footer > Add. Choose the header and footer profile from the drop down list in the combo box, click on the Apply button at the bottom of the dialog.

From the Header and Footer Menu

Open the document that you would like to add a header and footer to. Under the Document > Header & Footer menu, there is a list of all the header and footer profiles that you have previously created.

Note: Only the ones for which you chose the Show on Menu option will appear on this list. Click on the header and footer profile in the list you'd like to run and it will begin immediately using the settings saved in the header and footer profile.