Export Pages as PNG

PDF Studio is able export the pages of a PDF document as PNG images. When exporting a PDF as an image all of the page content will be flattened and rasterized into a separate image for each page of the document.


How to Export PDF Pages as a PNG Image

  1. Go to the File Tab > Images > Export Pages as PNG on the toolbar
  2. Set the PNG image export options you wish to use
  3. Click OK to begin exporting the images
  4. Once complete each page of the document will be exported as a separate file in the destination folder chosen

PNG Image Export Options

The options in the Export Pages as PNG dialog are as follows:

Destination Folder – You can type the destination manually or click on the "..." button to open a directory chooser to set the destination folder

Note: If the document has many pages it is best to select specific or empty folder because a separate image file will be created for every single page. If you select a folder that already contains images or other files the folder may become overwhelming

Remember Folder - When checked the selected folder will be remembered for the next time pages are exported as images

File Name Pattern – Enter the desired pattern for the output file names.

Note: Current page number and file extension ".png" will be appended to the pattern to create the final file name.

Pages -  The range of pages to be exported as images

DPI Resolution – Choose the desired resolution in DPI used to render the page. 72 is the PDF native resolution. When selecting a DPI it's best to follow the below guidelines

Black-and-white documents

    • Lowest acceptable resolution = 200 DPI (equal to “high” fax quality)
    • Conventional resolution = 300 DPI
    • Highest conventional resolution = 600 DPI

Color documents (and color compression)

    • Lowest acceptable resolution = 150 DPI
    • Conventional resolution = 200 DPI
    • Highest conventional resolution = 300 DPI
    • Archive resolution = 600 DPI




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