Document Initial View

The Initial View tab displays the initial view settings that determine how the document will be initially displayed when opened. These settings can be changed to control how the document appears the next time it is opened.

Note: If "Ignore document setting" has been set on any of the options in the Display Preferences, PDF Studio to ignore the document's settings and use the selected option instead of the options set in the initial view settings of the document

How to View/Edit the Initial View Settings

  1. Go to File Tab > Properties or using the shortcut keys Ctrl + D (⌘ + D on Mac).
  2. Click on the Initial View Tab
  3. Select the initial view settings you wish to use
  4. Click OK to set the settings
  5. Save the document to save the new initial view settings

Note: You must SAVE the document in order for the initial view settings to be set. Just setting them in the document properties does not apply them to the document.

Initial View Settings

Layout & Magnification

Navigation tab - Sets the default behavior for the navigation tab when the document is opened

Page Layout - Sets the default behavior for the page layout when the document is opened

Magnification - Sets the default magnification for the document when opened

Open to Page - Sets the page number to be displayed when the document is opened


Window Options

Resize window to initial page* - When set will resize the window to match the initial page size at 100%. This is an Acrobat only feature.

Center window on screen - Centers the application frame in the center of the monitor / screen

Open in Full Screen Mode - Opens the file directly into Full Screen Mode

Show - Choose whether to show the File Name or Document Title in the titlebar of the PDF Studio application frame


User Interface Options

Hide menu bar - Hides the top menu bar when document is opened. 

     Note: menu bars are only shown when using the Classic Toolbar

Hide tool bars - Collapses the toolbar when the document is opened. Toolbar can be reopenen by clicking on the tab name or the  down arrow icon on the toolbar

Hide Window Controls - Hides the scrollbars from the document viewing area



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