Batch Flatten All Comments

Batch flatten all comments allow you to flatten all comments and annotations from a batch of PDFs. Flattening annotations is the act of painting the annotations directly on the page to which they belong so they are not editable anymore. This will permanently write an annotation into the document. For instance, a custom signature stamp can be flattened so the signature is added to the document itself and doesn't sit on a document as an editable annotation anymore. Each document will be handled individually using the chosen settings during the batch process.

Note: Annotations such as the sticky note will have comments removed but the image will still be placed on the document. The following annotations (file attachment annotations, links, sounds, and redaction annotations) will NOT be removed when flattening annotations. Even though technically file attachment annotations, links, sounds, and redaction annotations are annotations, they contain actions that would also be removed if the annotation was flattened and so they remain to not interfere with the functions placed in the PDF.

How to Batch Flatten All Comments

  1. On the toolbar bar go to the Batch Tab > Comments > Flatten
  2. Set the options for the batch process. Additional details for each of the settings are available below.
  3. Once all of the settings are complete, click on Start... to begin the batch process.  

Batch Flatten All Comments Settings

File List

Add Files - Displays a file chooser to add individual files to the list.

Add Folder - Displays a file chooser that adds the contents of a directory to the list.

- Removes the selected file(s) from the list.

- Moves the selected file(s) up the list.

- Moves the selected file(s) down the list.

- Moves the selected file(s) to the top of the list.

- Moves the selected file(s) to the bottom of the list.

Note: Multiple files can be selected at once by holding down CTRL (Command on Mac) and then clicking on each file in the list.  

Set Default Batch Directory - When checked, all files from the default batch directory will be added to the File List each time a batch dialog is opened.

Save Files To

Destination Folder - This option allows you to set a destination folder to place all of the processed files. You can type the destination manually or click on the "..." button to open a directory chooser to set the destination folder

Overwrite Files - When checked, if a file with the same name as the file being processed is located in the destination folder it will be overwritten with the newly processed file. If this option is not checked, a number will be appended to the output file name, to avoid duplicate file names.

Passwords to try when opening documents

The open password settings will be disabled when converting to PDF. Only PDF files with passwords are supported.