Attaching a File

Files can be attached directly to a PDF Document. When files are attached directly to a PDF document they are embedded within the PDF file directly so that when the PDF is sent to another user they can still have access to the file. Once a file is attached the file will be displayed in the Attachments Pane on the left of the PDF Studio window.

Note: Attaching a file does increase the size of the PDF. If size is a concern try using a Link instead that will open the file from another location.

  1. Select the Attach File tool by clicking the on the toolbar, going to Comments > Multimedia > Attach File, or using the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + F (Command + Shift + F on Mac)
  2. A file chooser dialog will be displayed where you can navigate and select the file you wish to attach.
  3. Once complete, click Open to attach the file

Note: You can also drag and drop files onto the attachments tab to attach them as an embedded file.