Email Preferences

The Email Preferences section contains all of the email settings for PDF Studio.

To open the Email Preferences dialog:

    1. Go to Edit > Preferences (Windows & Linux) or PDF Studio 11 > Preferences (Mac)
    2. Select Email from the panel on the left of the preferences dialog to view or modify these preferences.


Enter your email account information to send PDFs from within PDF Studio.

Use Microsoft Outlook - Check to enable sending directly from Outlook (only on Windows)

Use Mac OS X Mail  - Check to enable sending directly from Mail (only on Mac)

Use PDF Studio - Check this option to use the built in email function within PDF Studio. You will need to first setup your email account information in order for this to work.

Click on Edit to input your email settings.

Use the Test Connection button to make sure that your settings are correct before saving your settings.

Use other email application - Allows you to use a command line action to start an email application.

Command line email examples with a subject and an attachment

Outlook on Windows:

start outlook.exe /c ipm.note /m “&subject=$filename” /a “$filepath”

Thunderbird on Linux:

thunderbird -compose subject=$filename,attachment=$filepath

Thunderbird/Outlook on Mac:

open -a thunderbird

open -a outlook

You can also click on “Add variable” to add some pre-defined variables.

To verify your settings have worked correctly, open a document and click on the email button or go to File > Email.

Note: At this moment, Mac users can only open the specific mail application without composing new email