Display Preferences

The Display Preferences section contains all of the display settings for PDF Studio.

To open the Display Preferences dialog:

    1. Go to Edit > Preferences (Windows & Linux) or PDF Studio 11 > Preferences (Mac)
    2. Select Display from the panel on the left of the preferences dialog to view or modify these preferences.


Layout and Magnification - Sets the layout and magnification defaults for displaying documents.

By default, PDF Studio uses the initial view settings set within the document to display the panels on the left when opening a document. If no setting is set within the PDF document’s initial view settings, the Pages panel will be opened by default. Selecting "Ignore document setting" on any of the options will force PDF Studio to ignore the document's settings and use the selected option.

Navigation Tab - sets the default behavior for the navigation tab when opening PDF documents.

Page Layout - sets the default behavior for the page layout when opening PDF documents.

Magnification - sets the default magnification to use when opening PDF documents.

Restore Last Page - when enabled PDF Studio reopen to the last page viewed when reopening the same PDF.

Note: The “Default” and “None (document only)” options will use the initial view settings set within the PDF. If any other option is selected it will use the PDF Studio setting instead of the setting within the PDF document’s initial view setting.

Invert Colors  - Sets PDF Studio to always default to Invert Colors mode.

Look and Feel - Changes the look and feel (theme) of PDF Studio. Requires a restart to be applied. Current Look and Feel options are displayed in our knowledge base.

Screen Resolution - Sets the resolution to be used when displaying PDFs.