Optimizing a PDF

PDF Studio is capable of optimizing PDF documents. Optimizing a PDF document is useful if you need to compress images or remove objects in order to reduce the PDF file size. There are many different optimization options available in PDF Studio.

How to Optimize a PDF document

  1. On the menu bar select Document > Optimizer > Optimize or use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + O (Command + Shift + O on Mac)
  2. This will display the Optimizer Settings dialog
  3. Select an Optimizer Profile or the settings that you wish to use to optimize your document
  4. Once complete click on Optimize. This will prompt you for a location to save the document
  5. Once you have set the save location for your document and click save and your document will be optimized and saved to the location you chose.
  6. After optimization is complete the new file will automatically be opened so that you can review the results