Moving Bookmarks

jPDFEditor can be used to move and reorganize bookmarks within the PDF document.

How to Move Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be moved using either drag and drop or by using the cut and paste functions.

Note: Hold down SHIFT or CTRL (Command on Mac) to edit multiple bookmarks.

Using Drag and Drop

Bookmarks can be reorganized simply by dragging and dropping them to the desired location in the tree. When a bookmark is dragged to a target, a horizontal black line appears on the screen under the target bookmark. The length of the black line indicates whether the dragged bookmark will be inserted underneath the target bookmark, or added as a child to the target bookmark.

This bookmark will become a child of Page 6.


The longer line designates the bookmark will be inserted underneath page 7

This bookmark will become a child of Page 7.


The shorter line designates that the bookmark will be added as a child of page 7

Using Toolbar Buttons

Bookmarks can also be moved by using the buttons located at the bottom of the bookmarks pane. Multiple bookmarks can be selected at once when moving them using the buttons.

Note: The buttons will only be enabled when the bookmark is able to be moved

Left - Moves the selected bookmarks to the left making it a parent bookmark

Up - Moves the bookmark up so it's before the one above it

Down - Moves the bookmark down so it's after the one below it

Right - Moves the bookmark to the right making it a child of the bookmark above it


Using Cut & Paste

Cut and Paste can also be used to reorganize bookmarks. You can cut a bookmark from the tree by right-clicking (Mac: Ctrl + Click) on it and selecting cut or by using the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+X (Mac: Cmd + C). Then paste the bookmark onto its new parent by right-clicking (Mac: Ctrl + Click) on an existent bookmark and selecting Paste or by using the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+V (Mac: Cmd + V).

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