Attaching a File as a Comment

When attaching a file as a comment an icon is added to the page letting the user know that a file has been attached. Files attached as a comment are still embedded within the PDF just the same as when attaching a file without a comment. When files are attached directly to a PDF document they are embedded within the PDF file directly so that when the PDF is sent to another user they can still have access to the file.

Note: Attaching a file as a comment does increase the size of the PDF. If size is a concern try using a Link instead that will open the file from another location.

  1. Select the Attach File tool by clicking the on the toolbar
  2. Click on the page where you would like to add the file comment.
  3. Once placed, a file chooser dialog will be displayed where you can navigate and select the file you wish to attach. Once you've selected the file click Open.
  4. The File Attachment properties dialog will be displayed. Set the options for the comment and then click OK to place the note on the page

File Comment Properties

To access the File Comment properties right click (Mac: Ctrl + Click) on the annotation and choose Properties in the mouse menu or click on the edit button on the Mini Toolbar. The File Comment contains the following property settings.


Icon - Sets the icon to be used for the file comment

Transparency - Sets the transparency of the file comment icon

File - Displays the file name  associated with this file comment icon