What's New

v2020R2 Release Notes

PAS-679    Improvements to REST samples pages
PAS-770    "Allow empty values" option for PDF text to variables
PAS-785    PAS Upgrade / Deployment Enhancements
PAS-799    Change error message when trying to view / edit a document that has restrictions on text and graphics extraction
PAS-801    PDF Showcase right-click and open in new tab for HMTL / SVG is not working
PAS-811    Change Default REST API Thread Number to 4
PAS-818    PAS license key for v2020R1 should continue to work for v2020R2
PAS-318    Add a new tool for rectangular "lasso" text highlight
PAS-701    At RUNTIME replace invalid characters with "_" on file save or directory creation
PAS-754    Add page range options to delete comments node
PAS-764    Warning message on unchanged settings 
PAS-769    Add an 'x' to palette's search field to clear
PAS-816    Word Convert - Option to auto create bookmarks based on headings
PAS-766    PDF Showcase & Web PDF Annotator: Upload PDF function does not work in Internet Explorer
PAS-767    Sign document with acroform but no signature field causes null pointer exception
PAS-776    Connecting to remote machine with lots of logs causes performance issues and loads the logs in portions?...
PAS-780    Improve Digital Signature Certificate Store Discovery 
PAS-782    Problem saving flows in some time zones Locale
PAS-783    Convert PDF to HTML - Detect and handle BIDI and RTL to avoid Arabic text or parenthesis being flipped
PAS-784    The default date value for Date variable and the Created date value not getting saved
PAS-786    Mobile PDF Viewer: Fit to Page is resizing the page incorrectly
PAS-787    Improvements Web Viewer and Mobile Web Viewer
PAS-794    There is some text clipping when creating text boxes in the web viewer
PAS-795    OCR Licensing is broken with new keys
PAS-797    Version number is not updated on PDF List
PAS-798    There is some text clipping when typing text fields in the web viewer
PAS-803    Regression: "Show Thumbnails" button is no longer working on mobile viewer
PAS-805    Permission info on security tab is cut-off on mobile PDF viewer
PAS-806    drag to highlight is not working on Mobile PDF viewer
PAS-807    Tapping on an item from the search result list does not work on mobile PDF viewer
PAS-808    Not able to dismiss Search dialog on mobile PDF viewer
PAS-810    dropdown options display on top of the menu on mobile pdf viewer
PAS-815    Node variable modifications are not marking Flow as modified
PAS-817    Missing storage folder on Linux installations
PAS-823   Manager - Launching system web browser on Linux doesn't work
PAS-838    NPE on PAS Startup

PDF Processing

This version also includes all the improvements and bug fixes that were added to the underlying PDF engine in the last year and that will be released in the coming version of the libraries v2020R2.

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