Redact Area Node

The Redact Area node applies redactions to the selected areas of PDF based on an existing template PDF document. When the workflow is running it will immediately redact all selected areas on the PDF. 

    Note: If you wish you can further sanitize any hidden information within the document using the Sanitize PDF Node.


General Settings

To set the regions in a PDF you will need to first click on Select Template PDF and launch the redaction area tool to select a template document to use as a reference to create the locations to redact. The template document is for reference only and will not be used when the workflow is running. 

  1. Click on "Select Template PDF" to launch the file chooser
  2. Select the PDF document you would like to use as your template document
    • Note: For best results the template must be exactly the same as the documents that will be processed through the flow.
  3. Use the document preview window to create the areas to to redact on the PDF
  4. Begin marking the content that you wish to be redacted. This can be done in 3 different ways:
    • Text: Text can be marked for redaction by using the cursor to highlight the text you wish to be redacted.
    • Other Objects/Images: Other objects that cannot be selected (for example: images, scanned text, paths) can be marked for redaction by using Ctrl + Click (⌘ + Click on Mac) and dragging to create a box over the content you would like redacted.
    • Alternate Selection Method: Double click on a word or image to highlight just that word or image for redaction.
  5. To add additional areas click on the Plus Sign on the toolbar and repeat the process until all areas have been selected.
  6. Once you have completed creating all areas click on OK to save the areas and close the dialog 


Note: When the mouse pointer is a cursor, you can select text to be redacted. When the pointer is a plus sign, you can drag a rectangle to encompass sections of images, drawings, and text in the area.

Cursor selection

Rectangle selection





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