Read Files from Folder Node

The Read Files from Folder Node allows you to read multiple files at once to then be inserted into the message payload. This will replace any existing payload in the message. It will load files based on a specified file filter. Once read the files can be sent as separate individual messages or a single payload containing all of the files in a zipped folder. 


General Settings

Directory Path: the full path to a local directory (on the server) to read files from

Note: This directory is local to where the server is running not the PAS Manager and so the file path must follow the format set by the operating system of the server.

Delete source file - when checked will delete the original source file once succesfully loaded into the message.

Include Subfolders: Check the this option to include any files found in folders within the specified folder.


File Filter

Options that define the properties of the files to be picked up

File Name Pattern: List of allowed extensions separated by a comma and a space. (For example: .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .tiff). You may select a file name pattern, including the asterisk character. The server will limit its view to those files which match the pattern.

Note: Use the File Types chooser to easily insert file name patterns for common file types

Created: Picks up files that are created Before or After the specified date

Modified: Picks up files that are modified Before or After the specified date

File Size: Picks up files that are Less Than or Greater Than specified size



Separate Files: send an individual message payload for each file found in the specified directory

Single zip file: send all files found in the directory packaged in a single zip file to the message payload


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