FTP Output Node

The FTP output node exports the current message payload to a designated FTP server.


General Settings

Protocol: Security protocol to use when connecting to the server

Server: URL to the directory on the FTP server

User: User name required to access the server

Password: Password for the user to access the server

Destination Folder: the directory on the FTP server

Create Parent Directories: When checked, if the target path does not exist then it will be created. Otherwise an error will be thrown.

File Name: Set the name of the file when writing out the message payload

Note: At RUNTIME if PAS attempts to write out a file or create a directory it checks to make sure it does not contain any invalid characters (i.e. |?:* etc...). If it does all invalid characters will be replaced with an underscore "_"


Write Mode: Determines whether a create new file or append to an existing file such as updating a .csv record.

Name Collision Logic: When a prepared output file has the same name as an existing file the existing file could be overwritten. You may choose to have an unused name created by appending a numeric or alphabetic counter to the end of the file name. Be careful when using the overwrite option.


Advanced Settings


Timeout in Seconds: If no data is sent or received during an operation for the specified time, the connection will be retried.

Reconnection Settings

Maximum number of retries: Sets the maximum number of retry attempts before the server gives up.

Delay between failed attempts: Time to wait between retry attempts.

When reconnection attempts fail: Determines what to do once the retry limit has been reached:


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